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7 Rules to Live By for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

If you're a planner by heart, you probably can't wait to dive right in to planning one of the best days of your life! But for everyone else {without our crazy-planning-loving minds}, planning an entire wedding from scratch may warrant some anxiety. But fear not, my friend...we've got the rules to making your planning a piece of cake!

I personally live by these steps, and encourage my brides and grooms to, for every wedding or event I plan. They're super easy to follow, don't require you to spend any extra funds, and will save you from turning into the bridezilla or groomzilla that none of us want you to be!

Rule #1: Review your wedding planning checklist at the beginning and end of every month.

This step alone will make sure you don't miss a beat! There are so many little things that go into planning your dream wedding - like addressing invitations, coordinating a insta-worthy grand exit, or ordering signage for your ceremony entrance and reception tables - that make your wedding day so special. Reviewing a month-by-month checklist specific to planning a kickass wedding on a regular basis will ensure you're not scrambling to do anything at the last minute.

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Rule #2: Take notes {document everything}.

I can't stress how important it is to document all of your decisions and ideas. Taking notes leaves breadcrumbs back to previous conversations you had with vendors, hacks and ideas for saving you money and time, and reminders for payments and other due dates. Planning a wedding involves signing lots of contracts with venues and wedding vendors. Make sure everything you discussed and were offered in person is accurately portrayed in your contracts, as well as your own notes.

Rule #3: Review your budget (planned/estimated vs. actual spending) monthly.

Money makes the world, and your wedding, go 'round! Make sure you and your soon-to-be spouse discuss how much you can afford to spend on your dream day before you start planning any other details. This gives you a great starting point and reference to compare to as you contract with vendors, purchase attire, and design your ceremony and reception looks. Compare how much you have left in your wedding bank and which services or items you're willing to be flexible with throughout your wedding planning.

Rule #4: Schedule a block of time with your fiancé/fiancée once or twice a week to plan for and check off tasks for that month.

I know, this sounds like a lot...but I promise it's not! Taking 15 to 30 minutes each week to make sure you are both on the same page will save you {and your vendors} tons of time! Use this time to decide which of you is responsible for each task on your checklist, recap conversations/meetings you had with family and vendors, and make decisions on contracts or questions. Trust me, this one is a life-saver!

Rule #5: Delegate some tasks to friends or family members who want to help.

Let others help you! Planning a wedding is a full-time job, but you don't have to do it alone. You don't have to look far for folks who would love to be a part of your special day. You can hand off less critical or simple tasks like addressing and adding stamps for your invitations, packing all of your guest favors, or organizing your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

Rules #6: Take a break from planning when you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed.

Yes, you have a checklist of tons of things you need to get ordered, scheduled, and approved for your big day. But don't neglect your own self care to check off one box. Take a break. Have a no-wedding-talk date night or weekend. Spend time with your loved ones. Then once you've recuperated, just pick up where you left off.

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Rule #7: Enjoy every moment!

There are plenty of things you can choose to stress about when planning a wedding. But remind yourself why you're planning a wedding in the first place: to marry the love of your life and share it with those who love you! For many, planning a wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. Remember to stop and take in every moment - the pure joy on your mother's face when you find your perfect dress; the butterflies you feel when you and your boo tour your dream venue; the beauty and love you feel during your engagement photo session. Take it ALL in and ENJOY!

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