Are you still trying to figure out where & how to start planning the wedding your friends & family with swoon over? Have you been constantly scrolling through Pinterest & Google for any guidance on what to do next and how to bring your vision to life? Or maybe you're asking your married friends for a little direction, even though you don't necessarily want the wedding they had?


Well that ends now.

Plan your dream wedding like a PRO with LJD's 12-Month Wedding Planning Checklist!


Using the same checklist our award-winning Certified Wedding & Event Planners use to bring our bride's perfect day to life, you can say "bye-bye" to your endless searching & "oh heyyyyyyy" to your new stress-free planning life. This life-saving checklist will guide you thru:


  • Every step you should take each month before your big day (& even AFTER your big day)


  • The vendors needed to bring your wedding to fruition

  • When to order your invitations, decorations, & favors to avoid last minute rush-shipping fees


  • How to avoid scrambling to get everything done the week of your wedding

But don't take our word for it - listen to the praises from our brides'!


"Awww!! I'm so excited [for my wedding]!! You have made this so smooth!"

- Ashley E., Chicago, IL

"LJD provided the guidance that we needed throughout the wedding planning process. [Their] 'To Do' list and gentle nudge here and there kept us on track as we approached the big day."

- Erin P., League City, TX